Re: [Banshee-List] MTP support for Banshee...


On 5/20/06, Patrick van Staveren <trick vanstaveren us> wrote:
Hey all you Banshee users,

I'm on the prowl for some testers for what will become yet another DAP
type supported by Banshee - MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) (superset of
PTP) (aka, Microsoft PlaysForSure).

If you have or have access to a MTP device and would like to test
(including testing a CVS copy of both banshee and libgphoto2 which is
required), please drop me an email.

I have a Creative Zen Portable Media Centre, ironically won in a
competition from MS before I started using Linux full-time :) I use
CVS Banshee, and can upgrade to CVS gphoto as long as it doesn't have
a string of other dependencies more recent than what Ubuntu Dapper


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