[Banshee-List] Podcast support

On 27-jan-06, at 17:29, Aaron Bockover wrote:

I can add this to the repo if it is going to be maintained, in which
case I'll need a pub key (mail to me privately) from whomever will do so

I have not been able to touch base with Fredrik about his podcasting
implementation, but Mike Ubanski is working on a really cool
implementation for his thesis (I think). He has a deadline of Feb 25 (or somewhere in that area), and I've been working with him a little to make sure he has what he needs in core (sources can provide custom or hybrid
views new).

That being said, while I appreciate the work, I don't think we need to
end up with 10 podcasting plugins. There are already two full-featured
ones (Fredrik's and Mike's).

This podcast is nothing compared with that other sample pic.
This is/will be a stand-alone DBUS program.
I think I discard this code and wait until Fredrik and/or Mike release there code.

Thijs Vermeir

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