Re: [Banshee-List] Podcast support

Having seen my name come up on the list, I should probably introduce myself. Hi. I'm Mike Urbanski. I'm working on Podcast support for Banshee.

On Jan 27, 2006, at 11:06 AM, Ruben Vermeersch wrote:

On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 11:29 -0500, Aaron Bockover wrote:
I can add this to the repo if it is going to be maintained, in which
case I'll need a pub key (mail to me privately) from whomever will do so

I have not been able to touch base with Fredrik about his podcasting
implementation, but Mike Ubanski is working on a really cool
implementation for his thesis (I think).

I wish.

He has a deadline of Feb 25 (or
somewhere in that area), and I've been working with him a little to make sure he has what he needs in core (sources can provide custom or hybrid
views new).

"sources can provide custom or hybrid views new": with 7 words, abock
multiplies plugin capabilities by thousand, get this guy some free beer


That being said, while I appreciate the work, I don't think we need to end up with 10 podcasting plugins. There are already two full- featured
ones (Fredrik's and Mike's).

There should be a central place where who-does-what coordination is done
(which at the same time would be a very cool look-whats-coming thing).
Would also be a great way to fuel the developers community around
<woodb> is there a link off the main project page to all of the plugins?
Same thing.

Again I agree.

I've requested a wiki access so I can shed some light on what I have brewing. I apologize, "lone-wolfism" was never my intention. Having taken this on as an independent study at my university, I've been trying to keep my involvement under the radar until the academic pressures are off. That said, I'm sorry if I've wasted anyone's time (Thijs, Fredrik).

On the coordination / evangelization front, I'm willing to help out in anyway needed.


IRC:  mcu
Email:  michael c urbanski gmail com
Jabber:  michael c urbanski gmail com

P.S.  I'm interested in individual podcast usage reports!

*How many feeds are you currently subscribe to?
*Which format(s) (Atom, RSS vx.x, OPML, etc)?
*How many podcasts do you listen to in an average week?
*How long are the podcasts?

*Is the content available available through other mediums (radio, TV, print)

*What podcast clients are good, which ones suck and why?
*Should a client come with default feeds?
*If so which?

I'm interested in just about anything you find interesting about podcasting.

P.P.S. On an unrelated note. Looking at the results of Novell's Linux app request survey, iTunes is, at the moment, the #4 most requested port. Interesting.


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