[Banshee-List] Embedded cover art patch available

Hello all,

I've coded a small patch to retrieve cover art embedded in the audio
track using TagLib.  The patch is generic, so if TagLib has support to
retrieve images from the tags for the file type, then this patch will
extract the image and display it when playing the track.

I have it coded to retrieve the embedded cover art if there isn't a
cover art image in the directory where the track resides.  The reason
I did this was because a user can't currently embed images in tracks
using Banshee.  By allowing the directory cover art to override the
embedded cover art, the user has control over the display image
without needing another application.  When we add the ability to embed
images in tracks using Banshee we should make the embedded cover art
the highest priority.

The cover art is extracted from the music file and cached in the
covers directory.  This is the same place that images from Amazon are
cached.  Typically, they are located in ~/.gnome2/banshee/covers.  The
cover art in the cache directory will be named something like
XX-embedded-cover-art.jpg where XX represents the track ID used to
uniquely identify the file in the Banshee database.  The file
extension will change to match the file type.  We support jpg, png,
and gif now.

The embedded cover art will be used before the Metadata plugin tries
to retrieve images from Amazon.

Get the patch at:

-- Trey

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