[Banshee-List] Seeking equalizer plugin or stand-alone for banshee/ubuntu setup


Hope everyone is enjoying their winter holiday season in whatever way they do.

I took it upon myself to try to access my wife's music on her iMac from my
Linux computer. After learning all about DAAP sharing, I installed the latest
version of Banshee and was able to see her iMac music collection. That's when
I learned that iTunes 7 does not allow sharing to non-iTunes players :-(

While I wait for someone to reverse-engineer the iTunes hash that prohibits
this, I'm enjoying Banshee very much. Congratulations to the developers for a
very tight, well-organized application.

One thing I miss is an audio equalizer. I've not found either a
plugin for Banshee, or a stand-alone system-wide equalizer that will work on
my Ubuntu system. I've seen hacks using the jack system and a heavy studio
application like Ardour just for the equalizer portion, but that seems like

I did find this but can't figure out how to use i:


Any suggestions?


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