[Banshee-List] ANNOUNCE: Banshee 0.11.3


 * What? Banshee is a music management and playback application for GNOME.
 * Really? Yes! 

   "Import, organize, play, and share your music using Banshee's simple, 
    powerful interface. Rip CDs, play and sync your iPod, create playlists, 
    and burn audio CDs. Most portable music devices are supported. Banshee 
    also has support for podcasting, smart playlists, music recommendations, 
    and much more."

 * Learn More: http://banshee-project.org/Discover
 * Release Overview Page: http://banshee-project.org/Releases/0.11.3


 * Welcome
 * Module Notes
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   - Dependencies
 * Major Feature/Fixes/Performance Updates
   - Cool New Features
   - The Most Important Bad-Bug Fixes
   - Performance Improvements
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   - For all the Awesome Banshee Developers
 * Bugzilla Overview
   - Noteworthy bugs fixes/enhancements embraced in this release
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   - Show all bugs marked FIXED during this release cycle
   - File Bugs... Be Proactive... Contribute to Open Source!
 * Miscellaneous
   - Contributors for this release
   - Something to share with friends and family
   - Thanks!


 * Banshee is now made up of the core module, banshee, and the official 
   plugins module, banshee-official-plugins

 * banshee-official-plugins is recommended, but not required to run Banshee

 * libipoddevice (0.5.2) and ipod-sharp (0.6.2) are required for iPod support

 * helix-dbus-server (0.3.0) is required for Helix/RealPlayer integration



 * Banshee 0.11.3 Tarball:

 * Banshee Official Plugins 0.11.3 Tarball

 * ipod-sharp 0.6.2 Tarball:

 * libipoddevice 0.5.2 Tarball:

 * njb-sharp 0.3.0 Tarball:

 * helix-dbus-server 0.3.0 Tarball:

 * http://banshee-project.org/files/banshee/banshee-0.11.3.changes
 * http://banshee-project.org/files/banshee-official-plugins/banshee-official-plugins-0.11.3.changes


 * Mono 1.1.10 and full stack
 * gtk-sharp-2.0 2.8 or 2.10
 * GStreamer 0.10.3 
 * sqlite3
 * libmusicbrainz 2.1.1 or better
 * libnautilus-burn 2.12 or better
 * GTK+ 2.8 or better
 * HAL 0.5.2 or better (0.5.6+ Recommended)


Cool New Features

 * Much improved sorting! Sorting by track number now properly sorts first 
   by artist, album, then track number. Sort settings are done now at the 
   source level, not the global level, so different sorts can be applied 
   on different sources independently. Sort settings are also saved (persist 
   across instances) for the library and playlists. Nat Friedman is "a man of 
   few wants." (Aaron Bockover)

 * Search works similarly now - each source can have its own filter. 
   No longer is it shared between all sources. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Set preferred library structure in preferences dialog, which allows 
   for the selection of folder and filename patterns. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Initial support for Rio Karma DAP devices. (Experimental, Bob Copeland)

 * Do not stop playback on an error or report error in a dialog. Disable 
   the problematic track instead and continue playing. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Added a "Close" (CTRL+W) option above "Quit". Close hides to 
   the tray. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Show a lock icon on password protected DAAP sources. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Improved DAAP connection status and error reporting UI. (Aaron Bockover)

 * A confirmation dialog will now be presented when a playlist is to be 
   deleted to help prevent accidental data loss. It has a "do not ask me 
   again" check box if you find such a prompt annoying. (Aaron Bockover)

 * It is now possible to copy songs directly from Banshee to Nautilus using 
   the edit+copy menu item, accelerator, or context menu item. This has always 
   been possible with drag and drop, but some prefer CTRL+C. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Updated artwork: two excellent new icons for static and smart playlists, 
   a perfected 32px application icon, and a new splash screen. (Jakub Steiner)

 * Error correction option (paranoia mode) for CD importing. 
   (Christopher James Halse Rogers)

 * The audio output sync is now configured for the "Music and 
   Movies" profile. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Added a --no-source-change command line argument that will prevent 
   the active source from changing when Banshee is launched with --dap or 
   --audio-cd and an instance was already running. Add --no-source-change 
   to your GNOME Volume Manager Banshee commands if you don't agree with our 
   default behavior of changing sources when a device or disc becomes present 
   in the system. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Improved podcasting support, including certificate support (Nathan Palmer,
   Mike Urbanski). Better support for enclosures, lots of minor UI polish.
   (Mike Urbanski, Aaron Bockover) [Banshee Official Plugins]

 * UI improvements to Mini Mode plugin (Michael Monreal) 
   [Banshee Official Plugins]

The Most Important Bad-Bug Fixes

 * Lots of fixes regarding iPod detection, mass storage syncing, and managed 
   DBus/HAL. This should solve all the issues in previous releases regarding 
   iPod detection. It requires HAL volumes for the iPod to have a
   volume.fsusage=filesystem property. If this is not the case, it's a 
   distro issue. (Aaron Bockover, Alp Toker, Gabriel Burt, David Zeuthen)

 * Locale/culture fixes regarding number formatting when parsing audio profile
   pipelines. Fixed bitrate issue with faac profile. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Fix some crashes coming from the podcast plugin (Mike Urbanski)

Performance Improvements

 * Newly-imported tracks handled in batches, greatly improving import time; 
   many very large optimizations in taglib-sharp that also improve import 
   time. Import time has gone down from 10 minutes to almost 2.5 minutes 
   on a T60p with a 5200 song library. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Massive performance improvement regarding switching sources. Time is 
   down from 1 minute to under 1 second in some extreme cases. (Gabriel Burt)

 * Assembly reflection performance improvements. (saves memory, small 
   amount of startup time - Aaron Bockover)

 * Lots of good performance and functionality improvements to smart 
   playlists. (Gabriel Burt)

Choose a Lingua!

   New translations for this release:

     * Arabic (Khaled Hosny)

   Updated translations for this release:
    * Catalan (Jordi Mas)
    * Czech (Jakub Friedl) 
    * Finnish (Ilkka Tuohela)
    * Hungarian (Gabor Kelemen)
    * Lithuanian (Žygimantas Beručka)
    * Norwegian bokmål (Kjartan Maraas)
    * Russian (Alexandre Prokoudine)
    * Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
    * Spanish (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)

For all the Awesome Banshee Developers

 * Boo scripting support; scripts can provide a static entry point or use 
   the standard Banshee plugin API, but no compilation is necessary. Scripts 
   must be placed in in ~/.gnome2/banshee/scripts. (Aaron Bockover)

 * Lots of work on the Boo shell integration for live debugging and testing.
   Reflection-based live debugging was started, lots to add here. 
   (Aaron Bockover)

 * New icon-theme-installer script that can be used from within make 
   to properly install lots of icons into the theme and also update the 
   icon cache. See build/icon-theme-installer for details (other project 
   developers may like this!) (Aaron Bockover)

 * Run uninstalled with full plugin and DAP support. "make run" from the 
   top source directory (seriously, just build and run - no installation is 
   necessary) (Aaron Bockover)

 * Much much much cleaner configure.ac. Lots of isolated and reusable 
   macros replacing spaghetti autoconf+bash. Generic detection and 
   configuration done through reusable Shamrock [1] m4 macros. For instance, 
   this is as hard as it gets to setup an autotools environment for 
   Mono with Shamrock:

      dnl Mono and gmcs

   [1] Shamrock is a set of m4 macros for properly doing common and useful
       stuff in a configure.ac. It's focused on making Mono+autotools 
       integration easy, and is part of the Banshee project. Feel free to 
       use the macros in any project. See build/m4/shamrock. (Aaron Bockover)


Noteworthy bugs fixes/enhancements embraced in this release

 * 314149 - Properly sort on track number (artist->album->track number)
 * 353125 - Make sort settings apply to each source, not globally
 * 345218 - Make filter/search settings apply to each source, not globally
 * 340222 - Do not stop playback due to error; disable problematic track
 * 348730 - Initial support for Rio Karma devices
 * 344542 - Allow copying songs for pasting in nautilus (edit->copy)
 * 365200 - Added an error correction option for CD importing 
 * 325968 - Massive performance improvement when switching sources and sorting
 * 363066 - Add sane update rate limiting to smart playlists
 * 321773 - Fixed themeing/style issue with the search entry
 * 361534 - Only show track change notifications if not focused 
 * 360466 - Confirm dialog for playlist deletions 
 * 345476 - Add --no-source-change argument; supplements --dap, --audio-cd
 * 375992 - Ensure user data directory for plugins exists
 * 345620 - Prevent dragging tracks from within same source on the source view
 * 355880 - Reworded the 'import' text for the mass storage DAP track loader
 * 355890 - Ignore iPods in the mass storage DAP to avoid confusion

Other minor/uninteresting bugs fixed in this release

   383844, 344833, 362994, 375146, 379119, 379529, 
   369786, 376070, 375890, 372720, 368436, 354389

Show all bugs marked FIXED during this release cycle [1]

 * http://banshee-project.org/files/closedbugs.php/2006-10-24,2006-12-09

   [1] 28 bugs were actually addressed during the 0.11.3 development cycle,
       but many more were verified and resolved that were actually fixed
       in previous releases.

File Bugs... Be Proactive... Contribute to Open Source!

 * Please do not hesitate to file bugs against Banshee in GNOME Bugzilla.
 * http://bugzilla.gnome.org, component: banshee
 * Discuss Banshee on the mailing list list or in #banshee on irc.gnome.org.
 * Lots of information on the Banshee Wiki: http://banshee-project.org
 * Need to debug Banshee? http://banshee-project.org/Debugging


Contributors for this release

   Community makes Open Source work!

   Aaron Bockover, Alexandros Frantzis, Alp Toker, Bertrand Lorentz, 
   Bob Copeland, Christopher James Halse Rogers, Gabriel Burt, 
   Jakub Steiner, James Willcox, Michael Monreal, Mike Urbanski, 
   Nathan Palmer, Patrick van Staveren, Ruben Vermeersch, 
   Sebastian Dröge, Scott Peterson, Tim Yamin

Something to share with friends and family

   "Changes recorded for Banshee from 0.11.2 (October 23, 2006) to 0.11.3 
   (December 8, 2006) account for 7 percent of the entire ChangeLog file."

   "The first ChangeLog entry was recorded on February 17, 2005, marking the 
   0.1 release of Banshee - at the time called Sonance. 0.2 was released 
   quickly the following day."


   Enjoy the release! We appreciate your support and involvement!

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