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Cheers for that. At least I know its not just me. My ipod is 4th
Generation black 4GB nano. Normally, this generation was happy using the
sysinfo file to retrieve the serial/model, but I purposely connected it to
itunes 7.0 on a friend's PC so that I can update my code to correctly find
the model, using the sgutils method inside libipoddevice.

The weird thing is that it is not like the ipod is having problems. Hal
just seems to ignore the WriteipodInfo function although it is just a
default install. Does Hal need some extra config on distros in order to
correctly detect the existence of the fdi policy file?

The only other thing I could think of was I have a rule in udev for
mounting my ipod, ie. create the device node /dev/ipod for the 2nd
partition of the ipod (/dev/sda2). I was wondering whether this is how
other people mount their ipods? I notice Aaron you have a device node of
/dev/sdc3. Does that mean your ipod has 3 partitions?

Thanks and Regards


> Paul, How new is your ipod? I recently apple formatted my ipod using
> iTunes to ipod software version 1.3. When I run ipod --list i get this
> output:
>> $ ipod --list
>> glibtop: This machine has 1 CPUs, 1 are being monitored.
>> (process:9495): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_ascii_strtoull: assertion `nptr !=
>> NULL' failed
>> Path Info
>>    Device Path:      /dev/sdc3
>>    Mount Point:      /media/Wing
>>    Control Path:     /media/Wing/iPod_Control/
>>    HAL ID:
>> /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_35C0EA70876D989F
>> Device Info
>>    Model Number:     (null)
>>    Device Model:     Unknown
>>    iPod Generation:  Unknown
>>    Adv. Capacity:    (null)
>>    Is New:           YES
>>    Writable:         YES
>>    Serial Number:    (null)
>>    Firmware Version: (null)
>>    Manufacturer ID:
>>    Production Year:  0000
>>    Production Week:  00
>>    Production Index: 0
>> Volume Info
>>    Volume Size:      4028592128
>>    Volume Used:      197726208
>>    Available         3830865920
>>    UUID:             35C0EA70876D989F
>>    Label             Wing
>> User-Provided Info
>>    Device Name:      (null)
>>    User Name:        (null)
>>    Host Name:        (null)
> I remember when my ipod was windows formated (with an older software
> version) ipod --list was able to retrieve a lot more info. I believe
> Apple just changed around where the ipod keeps its information and HAL
> just hasn't updated its databases yet. Unfortunately in the mean time,
> banshee is unable to sync the ipod. "Failed to save database". Hope this
> gives you some insight.
> -aaron
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