[Banshee-List] ipod nano null model

Hi all,

I am new to the list so my regards to everyone and thanks for the hard work, 
especially on libipoddevice.

I have been trying to set up the library on both my laptop (mandy 2007) and my 
desktop (FC5) for use with my own java (JNI) app and gtkpod. Through my 
general rummaging of the source in trying to understand how libipoddevice 
performs its magic, I noticed that ipod --list only returns null for the 
model and generation.

I understand from the code the WriteIpodInfo is the thing responsible for the 
gleening of this info and I have been able to run hal-ipod-info on its own 
and return the extended-sysinfo file. However, despite my best efforts on 
both machines, hal seems to just ignore the existence of the WriteIpodInfo 
function and the fdi file. Indeed sticking some debugging into the 
libipoddevice source shows that the dbus_connection_send function always 
fails and interrogating the dbus error indicates the function WriteIpodInfo 
doesnt exist.

reply = dbus_connection_send_with_reply_and_block(dbus_connection, dmesg, -1, 

Would someone mind shedding any light on where the problem may lie. The only 
commonality between the 2 machines is of course my ipod nano (4GB). If this 
is the problem, is it possible to explain why.

Thanks for your time.



P.G. Richardson
Email:	p g richardson phantomjinx co uk

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