[Banshee-List] Plugin in the works: Alarm Clock

Hey folks,

I've been starting to work on a new plugin for Banshee - an Alarm Clock plugin.  Has
anyone worked on this?  If so, LMK, so we're not duplicating efforts :)

Features I'm working on:

Sleep timer:
 * ability to set a timer that when it's up, will pause playback.  Great for when
you're loving your tunes but don't want to hear them ALL night.

Alarm timer:
 * will start playback at the given time.
 * "recur" option - if enabled, will set the timer again for the next day at that same
 * volume setting - will change the volume to a certain level before playing.  This way
you don't have to set it before you go to sleep.

Future ideas:
 * sleep timer - make it so it fades out the song, or stops at the end of the song
rather than just pausing in the middle of it.
 * alarm timer - volume change will be gradual.  will set the volume when the alarm
first goes off, and will gradually increase it to another value over a span of seconds
or minutes.  All three values will be settable.

Anyone have any other ideas/suggestions for me?  Like I said, this plugin is more in
the concept stage (I have more pencil sketches than actual code)...so I'm open to
ideas :)

Thanks all!


(irc as trick)

Patrick "Trick" van Staveren
Western Michigan University
AIM: goofyassmoose
Cell: 269.267.6008

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