Re: [Banshee-List] a tagging follow-up

You could use Cowbell [1] for your tagging needs, it's a great tool. 
It is written in C# if I remember correctly, so maybe Aaron could use
some of its sources in Banshee?



tor 2005-10-27 klockan 12:13 +0300 skrev Jens:
> hi aaron (i suppose youre the only one on this list who will be able to
> answer this),
> im really very confused about whats happening - mp3 tagging seems dead in
> linux land. everywhere else theres massive development but here
> nothing...
> it confuses me - like rhythmbox needs gstreamer, gstreamer needs id3lib,
> id3lib is dead ---- and nobody seems to care. at least my googling only
> turns up my own old posts.
> how can linux compete if its not possible to edit unicode mp3 tags in a
> decent way?
> also - neither you nor the rhythmbox people answer my posts. why is that?
> is my posting form of conduct inappropriate, or are the questions old
> and boring or what?
> am i misunderstanding something? why couldnt unicode with id3v2.4 be a
> standard for editing tags (at least as an option) and if so - wouldnt it
> be very easy to implement in gstreamer or banshee?
> i suppose since youre doing it - my rant is going the wrong way. i do
> appreciate your work - but i cant understand what other people arent
> working to get tagging it because were all supposed to be
> using ogg and flac?
> thanks - and sorry for taking your time - thisll be my last desperate,
> and exasparated post on mp3 tagging.
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