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I'm sure this would be very closely affected by the list view change that is destined to happen. However it would probably only take me a few hours of work to engineer the list view filtering into Banshee's view as it stands right now (as I've written everything else), and it shouldn't be _too_ much of a headache to port when the managed list view becomes a reality.

Sure, it's more work to write it now and then rewrite it in X months when the managed list view goes live, but I'd rather do the extra work to start testing and using such functionality now rather than waiting :)


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On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 05:35 -0400, Patrick van Staveren wrote:
Hey folks,

I wanted to keep this off the main ML because I don't want every
banshee user asking for this alpha-pre-testing code that I wish not to
distribute yet :)

Abock, you can probably answer this question best but if anyone could
give me some pointers, that'd be great :)

I was looking to see if it'd be possible to directly modify the data
within the Library source's treeview (from a plugin context) without
entirely replacing it with a new widget.  Specifically, I'm looking to
see if a "browser" view could be possible from a plugin, or if it
would be necessary to integrate such a thing in the core.  Naturally,
if it could be done thru a plugin, that'd be superb as some users have
different ideas about how they want to browse their library and this
way it could be kept in a plugin and out of the core.

I know how to do pretty much everything - querying the library for
artists/albums/etc and making my own treeviews and such - I actually
have all that mess written, and I can display it in a separate source
view (see  I
just don't know how to happily interact with the library view and keep
things sane there while making this a drop in replacement for the
current view.

Any pointers would be both greatly appreciated and put to good use, as
there are few banshee users out there that wouldn't kill for a plugin
that can do this :)

I'm not sure about it, but isn't all this highly dependent on the
view/model code? Code which is destined to be replaced by a native


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)
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