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Hi Mike!

Am 13.03.22 18:59 schrieb(en) Mike Witt via balsa-list:
Is this related to some recent email I got from google, saying in part:
[snip Google message]

This message is actually somewhat unclear to me…  Google tries heavily to promote OAuth2 which they advertise 
as being more secure than standard methods (which is just wrong if TLS is used, either immediately = 
POP3S/SMTPS/IMAPS or after a STARTTLS command).  So, yes, it *might* be possible that they simply disable the 
standard methods and require the use of OAuth2.

The “oauth2-support” branch of Balsa includes more or less usable OAuth2 support for the following providers:

* Microsoft/ Balsa is registered, but as we are a FOSS project without a commercial audit, it is 
some kind of “low grade”.  As a result, you have to re-enable Balsa every few months, which is trivial: Balsa 
will display a dialogue with a button to open your browser with the M$/ web site where you have to 
enter your credentials and (IIRC) a pin which is sent to your mobile.
* Yahoo: works, but with the credentials stolen^H^H^H^H^H^Hborrowed from the Thunderbird sources.  I.e. Yahoo 
thinks its talking to Thunderbird.  Apart from that, the activation process is as before.
* GMail: I registered Balsa in my Google developer space, so IIRC it is usable for me and for testing only 
for the time being.  The Thunderbird hack /might/ work as for Yahoo as intermediate solution, though.

I *think* it should be possible to go through the registration process for the latter two providers (there 
are actually more) to reach the status as for M$, but it seems to be somewhat complex.  As I'm not a native 
speaker, I must admit that it is somewhat difficult for me to understand all the legal talk (but this would 
probably the same in German…).  Unfortunately, I'm packed with real-life work (i.e. for €€) – working in 
operational cyber defence is not funny since ~last autumn.

I'll try to find some spare time to push this issue…


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