Re: Some html attachments makes Balsa hang

Hi Helmut!

Am 10.04.22 13:35 schrieb(en) Helmut Jarausch via balsa-list:
some emails with html attachments make Balsa hang s.t. I have to kill it and
I have to remove these emails from my inbox by using an editor.
These emails comes from the German Post (DHL).

Ouch.  Of course, that shouldn't happen!

I can imagine two reasons:
* IIRC, DHL sends some messages (inter alia reminders about parcels arriving soon) with a S/MIME signature, 
and something hangs whilst checking it;
* there is an issue with HTML rendering.  Which version of Balsa do you use (packaged, self-compiled?), on 
which platform (distribution)?

What can I do about this (work around / debug).

You could run Balsa from a terminal with HTML and crypto debugging enabled:

G_MESSAGES_DEBUG="html crypto" /path/to/balsa > LOG

and look if something strange is noted in LOG.

If somebody wants to try it him-herself I'll send this email
as an attachment.

It would be really helpful if you could share a message causing the issue!  Just forward it as attachment to 
my address (not to the list) as attachment, if possible include the LOG produced above.

Thanks in advance,

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