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On 10/04/2021 02:40:23 PM, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
On 2021.10.04 16:05, Mike Witt via balsa-list wrote:
On 10/04/2021 01:35:26 PM, Jack via balsa-list wrote:

The full configure command line you used, with all parameters and switches. (I don't expect there to be a problem there, but you never know.)

I'm just saying ./configure
That should be fine.

I don't know if it will help, but try creating a new directory "build" there, cd into it, then do ../configure. The other thing you might try is to use meson. It works pretty much the same - cd into build, then "meson ..". I'm still trying to figure out why configure is failing for me.

I made a new subdirectory and did ../configure -- no difference.

I don't know anything about "meson" but I installed it, and in that same subdirectory I just typed: meson It still complained about "enchant" not being found. But maybe meson needs some parameters or something.
Other than pointing to the root of the source tree, it shouldn't need anything else for default settings.

I've got a /usr/bin/enchant, /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/enchant, and /usr/share/enchant -- if that helps.
There should be a and a (or something close, and some variants.) It is the .so. file that is being tested for. If they exist, we need to dig deeper. If you can't find them, check the list of files installed with any of the enchant packages you have installed, although I would be surprised if Mint omitted the .so files from the package.

I've got:


Is there some way to check if it's looking in those places?

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