[Patch] unify wrapped label creation

Hi all,

as a follow-up to the recent discussion re. label wrapping and alignment, attached is a patch which attempts 
to clean up this issue a little bit:
* create a new helper for wrapped labels, including the halign and xalign properties and
* remove calls for setting default values (like GTK_JUSTIFY_LEFT or wrap = FALSE).

The patch works with the master and gmime3 branches, with a 2-line offset in libbalsa/misc.c for the latter.



Patch details:
- libbalsa/misc.[ch]: add new helper libbalsa_create_wrap_label() for creating a label with word wrap and 
with or without markup; libbalsa_create_grid_label(): add missing xalign
- libbalsa/html.c, libbalsa/libbalsa-gpgme-cb.c, libbalsa/libbalsa-gpgme-widgets.c, 
src/balsa-mime-widget-message.c, src/balsa-mime-widget-text.c, src/balsa-mime-widget-vcalendar.c, 
src/folder-conf.c, src/sendmsg-window.c: use libbalsa_create_wrap_label()
- src/pref-manager.c: use libbalsa_create_wrap_label(); remove redundant calls to set default value
- src/print-gtk.c: add_font_button(), add_margin_spinbtn(): add missing xalign, remove default justify; 
add_margin_spinbtn(): do not wrap the (short) units string; create_options_group(): use 

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