Re: [Patch] move to libical

Hi Peter!

Thanks a lot for pushing!

Am 19.01.20 17:36 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
I've applied it to master and I'm using it now. I have a few "iTIP calendar Event Request" messages, and they 
look fine. But they're not complex, so that's a low bar! I expect your tests are more rigorous.

I just sent a slightly more complex dummy iTip test message from Thunderbird to the list (hope this doesn't 
violate the list rules!) – which is a little strange, as an action is requested from a non-participant, but 
that's the way Thunderbird produces it (look at the source).

Ahh, yes--I just rebased gmime3 on master, and will do so again after committing this patch.

Cool, thanks!


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