Re: Balsa git master consumes 100% CPU

Hi Peter!

Thanks a lot for the fast response!

Am 14.01.20 21:21 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
Apparently an idle handler that was tasked with completing the load of a mailbox was being constantly 
rescheduled. Weirdly, it was only for an empty mailbox--loading a mailbox with messages caused no problem!

Hmm, I *don't* have empty mailboxes open…

That part of the code handles scrolling to an appropriate message. An empty mailbox doesn't have any message 
to scroll to on opening, so I just put in some code to bypass it; works for me right now without hogging the 
cpu. Just pushed to GitLab.

I updated master to commit 90ee8bcc82d8ebdae0bd286212c21d1138531658, but unfortunately the bug is still 
present:  I can switch between the (six) open mailbox tabs (all of them are *not* empty), but nothing is 
displayed, and one CPU is still at 100%.

As I noted above, I don't have empty mailboxes open.  Actually, only outgoing and trash are empty, and some 
remote IMAP mailboxes (which are not connected though).  I have a mixture of MBox and Maildir mailboxes – 
might this make a difference?


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