GMime parser bug

Hi all,

using a different tool I wrote at work, I stumbled across a nasty bug in the GMime parser which can under 
adverse conditions lead to a loss of the beginning of message or message part content.  This bug also affects 

Basically, it occurs if the 2nd LF of the CR LF CR LF sequence terminating the headers of the message or a 
message part is the very first byte of a new 4k block (this actually happens quite frequently) *and* if the 
following body begins with text which somehow looks like a header (which is a lot less likely).

Unfortunately, this bug seems to be present in all GMime versions, including 2.6 (Balsa's master branch) and 
3.2 (gmime3 branch).

For more details and POC messages see <>.

Hopefully, Jeff can fix this issue soon…


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