Re: [Q/Patch] libresolv?

Hi Jack:

On 02/02/2020 02:09:35 PM Sun, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
Hello all,

On 2020.02.02 12:41, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
I just used the autotools to build Balsa out-of-tree in a clean directory with no issues (starting with 
"path/to/Balsa/", followed by "make"). Interestingly, config.h was created, but there's no sign of Previously, I was testing the autotools build just using "make" in an existing directory, which was probably quite 
old and crusty1

I have run into this on occasion, but not recently, and of course have forgotten the exact error/warning 
messages.  Haven't at least some .in files been either deprecated by or actually produced from the .am or .ac 
files by (I suppose I miss many of these messages if I use meson/ninja instead of


Yes, I rarely build with autotools, so I forget how it works. Turns out that *is* created (at "make" time), 
but in the source directory, not the build directory. I've restored it to .gitignore, so that "git status" doesn't list 
it as untracked.


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