Re: Balsa GIT Version 2.5.6-130-ge6f623bcf - Feedback

Hi John Jack Doe:

Thank you so much for testing, and for your helpful feedback!

Am 08.01.19 18:53 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
My IMAP account for a MS exchange server and the corresponding SMPT port for sending email is working again. 
So this is fine.

Cool!  As I don't have access to a M$ account, I could not really test an account with GSS = Kerberos auth…

In the past Balsa displayed the INBOX only. To my big surprise Balsa displays the full tree now:
Calendar, Contacts, Deleted Items, Drafts, INBOX, Journal, Junk-Email, Notes, Outbox, Sent Items, Tasks.

Balsa had config options for IMAP folders and for (single) mailboxes, which was a little confusing.  The new 
version converts the old mailbox config to a folder, from which you have access to all items, which is the 
typical use case for IMAP.

It *should* be possible to hide items by unsubscribing from them, and the change the folder preferences to 
“display subscribed only”, but that doesn't seem to work.  Hmmm…  And, yes, the user interface for that is 
clumsy; it's on my list!

If I click on /Calendar/ Balsa crashes wit /Segmentation fault/. The trace file is attached.

That's bad!  I can only guess that Exchange returns objects from such folders which Balsa (or gmime?) cannot 
process.  Unfortunately, the trace you sent does not show /where/ Balsa did actually crash.

Could you install gdb and the balsa-dbgsym_2.5.6+git130-ge6f623bcf_amd64.deb packages, and then run Balsa in 

        gdb /usr/bin/balsa

In gdb


Now try to reproduce the issue, and then in gdb say

        bt full

and send me the output.  That would be really helpful.  Thanks in advance!

The /Reply To:/ window is always displayed. One has to tick on and to tick off the /Reply To/ button in the 
/Show/ menu. Sometimes the /Recipients:/ window high is not re-scaled. However, this is an old bug.

Hmm, strange.  No idea where that comes from, I'll try to reproduce the issue.

In /Forward Inline/ or /Reply/ of HTML emails the HTML code is not stripped. The mail then is empty.

Unfortunately, webkit doesn't allow accessing the text body (as deprecated gtkhtml did).  Thus, you need an 
external converter which Balsa calls to convert the original html into plain text.  I recommend using the 
package python3-html2text.

Companies very often send HTML only emails. Printing of HTML emails is still not working. This is an old 

I know, but I don't have an idea how to solve the problem yet.  Webkit has printing support, but it is not 
possible to embed it into the “framework” (read: headers, signature, other parts, …) of the usual message 
printout.  And I think using the converted output (as for Forward Inline/Reply as above) is not what the user 
wants.  As I said, I'm somewhat lost here.

Thanks again for testing,

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