Re: Strange message list behaviour: row height, threading

…ouch – typo in the 2nd link.  The proper uri is 


Am 27.02.19 19:06 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
E.g. immediately after starting Balsa and loading the new messages from the POP3 server, the message listing looks 
as in <> (external, as the images are too big for 
the mailing list iirc; and, no, I *don't* track access to the web site!):

(1) In this case, all row heights are approximately double the usual size.  Sometimes, /some/ rows have the 
proper height, whereas others are higher.  The effect seems to be more likely if threading is enabled and/or 
in the mailbox is a maildir, but also happens for non-threaded and for mbox mailboxes (e.g. always for my 
Junk mailbox).
(2) All threads are closed.

Close the “PostgreSQL” mailbox tab, and immediately re-open it.  Now it looks as in 
- proper row heights (doesn't work every time, but usually) and
- the threads are opened.

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