Re: Preserve order of mailboxes

On 2019.02.17 20:55, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Dear List,

An issue [0] was raised asking that Balsa fix a long-standing irritant: the order in which mailboxes are opened, and appear in the notebook pages, is different from the previous session. A branch [1] has been set up to explore fixes; testing is encouraged, and also discussion!



Thanks again for this. I was the one to log that issue. I've been testing since you made it available, and have found no problems.

However, I have not explicitly tested or looked for the memory leak you mentioned. (I have had a few more of the crashes I have mentioned a few times, but they happened before testing this branch, so I'm quite sure they are unrelated.) I don't think I would even have noticed the other problem you mentioned in the issue log, as I don't hide deleted messages, but do expunge on closing a mailbox and after 120 minutes. It also appears that deleted messages get expunged on closing Balsa - hopefully that counts as closing the mailbox and not a bug.


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