finally caught an error on crash

Hello all,

Very randomly, after downloading (POP3) and reading some messages, if I click the button to expunge deleted messages (and this has only happened in the Inbox, but I have no idea if that matters) Balsa will just disappear. I finally managed to get a launch icon capturing stderr, and got

ERROR:../balsa-git/libbalsa/mailbox_mbox.c:280:message_info_from_msgno: assertion failed: (msgno > 0 && msgno <= mbox->msgno_2_msg_info->len)

I haven't fully delved into the code, but I do assume the len is the length of the array msgno_2_msg_info (not the length of some string, as I first mis-assumed) which seems to be the number of messages in the mailbox, so could something be happening out of order during the expunge? This is an mbox mailbox.

I don't really see any G_MESSAGES_DEBUG values which would be particularly useful. I suppose I could run under gdb and set a breakpoint on that function - but this happens rarely enough that I'm not sure it would be worth the effort. I suppose running under gdb with no breakpoints would at least let me do a backtrace if I do catch the crash again.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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