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The 'remove-app-menu' branch has been merged into master, and removed. The app menu is history, and builds 
from master will have the awesome new menu structure☺

Of course, there's always room for improvement--all comments welcome!

Happy mailing,


On 07/20/2018 07:46:51 PM Fri, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi All!

Some time ago, Balsa started using an 'app menu'. In desktops that implement it, such as GNOME 3, you access 
it from the top bar, but in other desktops it's just another menu at the start of the regular menu bar (I 
believe). As discussed in the attached, abandoning app menus has been proposed as a goal, and to date I've 
seen no opposition to the proposal, so going along with it would help to keep Balsa a conforming GNOME app, 
and would probably simplify life for non-GNOME users.

Balsa's current app menu mainly took over items from the 'File' menu, like 'Preferences", but also subsumed 
an earlier 'Settings' menu. Having both a 'Settings' menu and a 'Preferences' item on the 'File' menu was always 
confusing, and making them separate items on the app menu did nothing to clarify the situation.

So this is a great opportunity to revisit Balsa's menu structure! The GNOME Human Interface Guidelines 2.2.3 
(linked in the attached) have some suggestions about 'Standard Menus'; they appear to be targeted toward 
document-focused apps rather than e-mail clients, but their spirit is something we could incorporate in a new 
structure for Balsa.

Looking forward to a vigorous discussion!


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