Re: [Patch] Fix progress dialogue on error (Was: Good news)

Hi Albrecht,

On 2018.01.08 12:55, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Am 07.01.18 20:33 schrieb(en) Jack:
Thanks! A stupid bug, not sending the “finalise” notification to the dialogue if opening the connection fails. Trivial patch is attached…
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. (Identical results with autotools and meson builds). I changed one of the yahoo servers to TLS, wait for the timeout, get the popup error, "Check" button re-enabled, but progress dialog remains showing with that one server.

This is strange… I tried “” as server with bogus account information (user and password “test”).

When using TLS (i.e. port 110 with STLS), no connection can be established, and the connection times out with a socket timeout error.

When using POP3S, the connection can be established, but the login times out after one minute (debug output w/ the proposed log patch):

[snip debug output...]

But in *both* cases the progress dialogue is properly finalised after the timeout! There is no other code path where the dialogue is triggered. Are you sure you re-built everything after applying the patch? It basically boils down to shifting the finalise notification out of the “if (pop != NULL)” scope (around line 692 in libbalsa/mailbox_pop3.c), so it's really trivial.

I have no idea what the problem was, but with a completely clean build, it does work now as advertised. As with a different project, I think by failing to always "make uninstall" before compiling a new version, various pieces get left around, and eventually gum up the works.


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