Re: [RFC] Progress dialogue options

Le 2018-01-05 à 08:18, Albrecht Dreß a écrit :
Hi Peter & André:

Thanks a lot for your input!

Am 05.01.18 08:37 schrieb(en) andré via balsa-list:
Le 2018-01-04 à 21:12, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
Very reasonable. I can't see why anyone would want an idle progress dialog cluttering up the screen, but perhaps I'm missing a use case.


O.k., I already implemented it this way in the patch I submitted on January 3rd…  I hope it fits the expected behaviour?

However a lot of applications which download files have an option to leave an optional download screen open, which shows the names of files already downloaded.
That might help keep track of a series of files being downloaded.

I think the situation is slightly different for POP3.  ...

You're correct, of course. Downloading emails is not the same as downloading files with distinct names. A slight discontect on my part.



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