Re: [RFC] Progress dialogue options

Hi Peter & André:

Thanks a lot for your input!

Am 05.01.18 08:37 schrieb(en) andré via balsa-list:
Le 2018-01-04 à 21:12, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
Very reasonable. I can't see why anyone would want an idle progress dialog cluttering up the screen, but 
perhaps I'm missing a use case.


O.k., I already implemented it this way in the patch I submitted on January 3rd…  I hope it fits the expected 

However a lot of applications which download files have an option to leave an optional download screen open, 
which shows the names of files already downloaded.
That might help keep track of a series of files being downloaded.

I think the situation is slightly different for POP3.  As response to the “LIST” command, the server sends a 
list of message ID's (typically starting with 1) and message sizes.  Balsa uses this list to load new 
messages.  After deleting the messages on the server, the ID's of new incoming messages will (usually) again 
start with 1.  Thus, in contrast to (e.g.) the Firefox download list, the list of retrieved message ID's is 
more or less meaningless for the user (not for Balsa, of course, if you decide to leave messages on the 


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