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Hi Jack:

On 01/01/2018 02:30:23 PM Mon, Jack wrote:
Minor point (and digression) I seem to repeatedly get confused by the terminology.  Under the Balsa menu, 
there are both Settings and Preferences.  Settings has sub menus for Toolbars and Identities, while 
Preferences immediately brings up the Preferences dialog.  Would it simplify or add confusion to move the 
Preferences to be a third submenu item under Settings?

<URL:> has some suggestions about the application menu. Having a 
"Preferences" item seems to be recommended. Perhaps it should be a submenu, with options "Toolbars", "Identities", and 
"Settings" (the last being the current preferences dialog).

Additional minor point  - After making any change on the Preferences dialog, such as to an incoming or outgoing mailbox server, the only 
button to choose is "Cancel" but this accepts the change that was just made - the actual opportunity to accept or cancel was part 
of the previous dialog.  I haven't tested enough to see when the "OK" button is actually enabled, but I do wonder why I have to 
hit "Cancel" even though I'm not cancelling anything.

Good point! If the action has already been accepted, you really need only to "Close" the dialog, not "Cancel" it. 
"Cancel" should be reserved for closing *without* acting on choices.

But we don't need to clutter up the dialog with an additional "Close" button that mostly duplicates the "Cancel" action. Perhaps 
the items that can't be canceled don't belong on that window. I've always had a hard time with having POP3, IMAP, and SMTP servers on a 
"Preferences" window--they seem more like configuration matters than preferences. I see "Preferences" as more look-and-feel than 
basic operational configuration.

Perhaps something like "Server Configuration" should be a fourth item on the "Preferences" sub-menu, with all 
the server setup.




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