Re: Balsa 2.5.6-1:Cannot initialize GSS security context

Hi John Jack Doe:

Am 15.12.18 13:15 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
I am using balsa git version 2.5.3a-144-g8d6ac09 on my old 32 bit machine and it works perfectly with the 
Microsoft server. As a temporary workaround I compose emails for the business account of my employer on my 
new 64 bit machine, and copy the mail file to my 32 bit old machine for sending.

Just to clarify the place where I should start digging: on your /old/ machine, do you authenticate to the 
SMTP server using
(a) GSS = Kerberos, i.e. you have to say (in a terminal) something like “kinit <username>” before opening 
Balsa, and (again in a terminal) “klist” reports a valid ticket?  Or
(b) did you build Balsa yourself, presumably without GSS support, and you authenticate with username and 

If (b) is your config on the old machine, the quick fix would be building the latest GIT version on your new 
box, but *without* GSS support (add “--with-gss=no” to the configure options).  I will provide a fix asap 
which falls back from gss to username + password auth if the former fails.


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