Re: Several minor issues

Hi Albrecht:

On 2018.08.28 15:13, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Jack:

Am 28.08.18 20:57 schrieb(en) Jack via balsa-list:
1) If I do File/Print when viewing an HTML part, Balsa does not actually print the HTML.
Yes, I know…

If it can render the HTML to screen, how hard would it be to also print it?
IIRC, the problem is that Webkit can print the HTML like a browser, but /not/ embedded into the remaining part of the message (headers, etc.). I have no idea if it is possible to let it render into some kind of bitmap buffer, and then embed that buffer into the usual printout (which then probably has a bad quality). So, for the time being, the only solution seems to open the HTML part into a browser, and print from there.
That's certainly an acceptable workaround. As a possible approach, what about a pop-up that lets you choose between the current (Print headers and just an icon for the HTML content) or new (Print the HTML content without any email headers)? I started to wonder if at leas some header info could be printed as header/footer (like many browsers print the URL) but I realize that browsers do that as part of their rendering, so it's not really an option here.

3) For the past several weeks, I have been noticing an occasional, unpredictable hang/pause in Balsa when downloading messages. […] I'm looking for any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this better.
You might want to run Balsa with all debug messages (G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all) or only low-level networking messages (G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=libnetclient) enabled and check if anything unusual happens with the problematic mailbox. Remember that passwords will be printed in the output, so please sanitise any files before posting them.
I've tried that once or twice, and the output is so voluminous it's hard to digest, but so far, at least, I have not noticed anything suspicious. I'll continue to try.

4) This is completely unrepeatable - but I've had a number of crashes recently, of course never when running from command line, although I keep trying. […]
Can you build balsa w/ debugging symbols and run it in gdb?
It should be easy enough to add the flags to my configure script - then I just have to remember to run from gdb. I'll certainly let you all know if I do find anything useful.


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