Re: [Patch] Improve IMAP folder configuration

Hi Peter:

Thanks for the feedback and for pushing!

Am 11.08.18 18:56 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
To my mind, it should also be removed from the Preferences 'Mail options' page, 'Remore mailbox servers', 
'Add' option; the 'Modify' option should still work, but allowing the creation of new ones here would be 
confusing. Load from and save to config can stay for legacy ssetups.

As an alternative, I will investigate if it is possible to convert the “Remote IMAP mailbox” automatically 
into a “Remote IMAP folder” with some reasonable defaults.  To be honest, I would prefer to get rid of /all/ 
of this ancient stuff…

Am 13.08.18 16:06 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
and I did commit and push it, but then merged the 'thread-date' branch and somehow erased the commit from the 
git log--Oops!

So the changes are in master, but you'd never know it from the git log--sorry about that.😞

No problem.  The goal is to improve the code.  A clean changelog is of minor importance IMHO.

Peter (still on the GitLab learning curve :-)

Yes, it looks like a complex beast!


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