Re: [Patch] Improve IMAP folder configuration

Hi Albrecht!

On 08/10/2018 03:47:29 PM Fri, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

attached is a little patch which tries to improve the creation of IMAP folders:

(1) The “Remote IMAP mailbox” option is not really useful as the typical use case is a “Remote IMAP folder”.  
Thus, remove
this option from mailbox tree view context and the Balsa ▶ New menus.  In order to support existing configs, 
it is not removed from the preferences dialogue and from loading and saving the config (which we could do if 
we want to drop this option completely).

To my mind, it should also be removed from the Preferences 'Mail options' page, 'Remore mailbox servers', 
'Add' option; the 'Modify' option should still work, but allowing the creation of new ones here would be 
confusing. Load from and save to config can stay for legacy ssetups.

(2) Creation of IMAP Subfolders: the existing dialogue is somewhat clumsy as the parent has to be selected 
from a tree view.  The patch creates the subfolder either for the selected mailbox (via  Balsa ▶ New), or 
from the folder for which the context menu has been opened.  Therefore, the option is omitted/greyed out when 
the selected folder is not an IMAP folder.

Much more convenient and intuitive!

 As a little eye candy, the empty lines in the context menu are replaced by separators.

Nice touch!

This is just a start for improving the ui, e.g. in the dialogue for the modification the parent selection 
could be limited to the folders on the same IMAP server, subscription could be handled in a tree view with 
check boxes, etc.


Looks great--I'll push later.



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