Re: GNOME Goal proposal: app menu retirement [aday gnome org]

On 08/04/2018 07:56:58 AM Sat, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
…sorry for jumping into this old discussion, I've been on vacation…
An other (very unusual) feature of Balsa's IMAP implementation is the distinction between IMAP mailbox, IMAP 
folder and IMAP subfolder (the latter even not accessible through the config dialogue).  The typical (IMHO) 
IMAP use case is to access the complete folder tree of the remote server, and show/hide certain folders using 

IOW, would it make sense to keep /only/ the “IMAP folder” option, and to drop the other two completely?  
Would we need a fallback path for old configurations using the IMAP mailbox or subfolder?  Opinions?

Agreed that 'IMAP mailbox' is obsolete. As I recall, 'New -> IMAP subfolder' is there to manage the IMAP 
folder tree. The folder context menu allows deletion and rnaming, but I believe that only 'new subfolder' allows 



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