Re: possible new sort option

On 08/02/2018 07:08 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Jack,

On 08/01/2018 05:04:29 PM Wed, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
Hello all,

Too much idle time, perhaps, but I've been musing on mailbox sorting.  I mostly use JWZ sorting, with increasing dates.  This groups messages per the JWZ algorithm, and then sorts the groups by the increasing date of the first message in the group.  If I click on the date colulmn header, it simply reverses the order of presentation of the groups.   In other words, the ordering within groups is not changed, but now the groups are sorted by the decreasing date of the first message in the group.

I have several mailboxes (mainly various mailing lists) where I'd like to maintain the message order within the groups as above, but sort the groups by the date of the most recent message in the group - either increasing or decreasing.  This would bring the most recently active threads to the top or bottom of the list.

That would be much preferable to the current situation, where a recent reply in an old group gets lost back in time; I often have to switch to the flat view in order to find it, then back to threaded to see it in context.
That's exactly my use case.

Worse yet is the JWZ prescription of grouping by subject, so that a reply to "Tomorrow's meeting" gets grouped with all the other, mostly unrelated, messages with that subject! But I digress…
I still like JWZ in general.  I have actually gotten around to mailing JWZ himself, but I have no idea whether to expect a response or not.  My first thought (with absolutely no idea how realistic it is) is to simply modify the JWZ implementation so that a message may never be indented before a message with a later date.  I haven't gone through the algorithm in detail to see if there is any way to do that without a total rewrite.

Can anybody give an estimate of how difficult this would be to implement?

As I recall, from many years ago when it was discussed, it's not difficult to implement, but the simplest implementation might be inefficient. It might take a bit of work to implement without loss of performance.
Given your take on JWZ, I see two short term approaches (it would be interesting to compare them, but I doubt anyone has enough time.) One would be to do the JWZ as currently implemented, keeping a list of the top message in each group along with the latest date of any message in the group.  Then do a final sort of that list to order the groups.  I don't know if the other would be a similar modification of one of the other current threading methods, or would need to be done from scratch.

More pondering, I think....


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