How to create independant pop/smtp/mbox accounts

Hi everyone,

I've finally got around to compiling Balsa (version 2.5.3 from the site).
Balsa isn't available in my distro, and compiling seemed to go well once I figured
out the dependancies and flags.

I have 2 problems :
1) It doesn't give me access to the help.
(Trying to read the help xml files with text editer is challenging at best.)

Is there a compile flag needed to give me access to the help files ?
I normally use french (which is automatically displayed in the compiled program),
but seeing some of the somewhat interesting translations, it would probably be
better to start with the english documentation.

2) I'm migrating from Mozilla (which uses mbox), where I link each pop account with
its' own smtp account (with the same id + password), and own mbox folder tree.
I would prefer using the same configuration for Balsa.

Once I have the base mboxes defined for each account, I don't think I'll have much
problem creating the various subsidiary folders.
I plan to use mostly filtering to sort incoming emails to the subsidiary folders.

Any assistance will be very much appreciated.



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