Re: Urgent: Balsa crashes on send - one reason found

On 2017.11.20 16:08, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 11/20/2017 02:57:32 PM Mon, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Helmut:
My Fedora 27 setup is still on enchant-1.6.0. I'll see if I can build Balsa against 1.6.1 to test it. It *says* it is "ABI and API compatible with 1..6..0"…

With 1.6.1 installed I get what appears to be the same crash. I'm using spell-checker=internal, to avoid rebuilding gspell; the issue seems to be that enchant lists no available dictionaries, and Balsa is unprepared for handling that!

So the immediate fix is to have Balsa gracefully disable spell-checking when no dictionaries can be found--that should be a straightforward patch. Longer term, we need to find out why 1.6.1 lists no dictionaries when 1.6.0 lists several.


For me, just upgrading enchant (I'm also on Gentoo) without recompiling Balsa (using gtkspell) appears to give the same segfault.

However, and I assume it is likely unrelated, I do not appear to have any spell correction actually working, although I can't remember what that started. I'll post about that later, once I do try a clean compile.


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