Re: New problem "next unread" (not sure how new)

Hello Peter,

On 5/17/2017 3:39 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hello Jack:

On 05/15/2017 05:46:42 PM Mon, Jack wrote:
I think I started noticing this relatively recently - probably about the time (or shortly after) the recent set of updates related to threading. (git head) Most of the time I hit the "Next unread" button (on the toolbar) when all messages in the current mailbox are read, it does go to an unread message in the next mailbox with any uread messages. I actually still haven't paid enough attention to confirm how it chooses the specific message. However, sometimes (fairly consistent by mailbox, I think, but all my mailboxes are maildir (except inbox)) it goes to the message with the id number one less than the first unread message. As we've discussed in the past, the message id ordering seems to be essentially random, but likely the order in which the messages are read when scanning (or reading) the directory. Is it possible there is an off-by-one thing going on? I'd be more certain if it were more consistent. The reason it's annoying is that due to the ordering - it sometimes chooses a message nowhere near the first unread, when ordered by date with JWZ threading.

Thanks for any thoughts.

I haven't seen that, as far as I can remember. I have list messages filtered into a Maildir mailbox, and it seems to me that next-unread takes me to an unread message quite reliably. As I recall, when a mailbox is opened, the number of the first unread message, if any, is stored, and that's the message that next-unread takes you to. It's often not the earliest in the current sorting, but it should always be unread. After any message in the mailbox is read, next-unread should go to the next in the current sorting.
Most of the time, I get what you see, but sometimes I get an already read message. Definitely strange.

You're right that in a Maildir, message numbers do reflect the order in which files are read from the directory, which becomes quite arbitrary over time. Assigning them by age would make better sense, but on the face of it that would require calling stat on each filename, which could add significant overhead; perhaps creation times could be cached between sessions…

What about finding the first unread in the displayed order, after any threading and/or sorting is done. I don't think any additional file access would be necessary, although it might already have been needed to do the ordering.


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