Re: Could not save a text part: Internal error in get_stream

Am 03.05.17 18:00 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
Balsa 2.5.3a-50-gb1d9b4c is working and saving retrieved mail.

O.k., this is rather old (commit b1d9b4c0cb7b553f1a36fb1d10b68e5dfcb3cc36 as of 02 April 2017)...

All versions above don't compile with POP3 failures or don't save retrieved mails. Is this helpful now to 
isolate the failure?

Well, it is somehow related to my big POP3 backend change.  Can you tell me which provider you use where the 
connection fails?  I would like to look into the connection...

As an alternative, it would be helpful if you could do the following:

1. quit Balsa
2. start Balsa (the latest GIT version which doesn't work, if possible) with debugging, saving the output, 
i.e. enter:
   G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all /path/to/balsa > balsa.log 2>&1
3. try to load messages from the server which is not working (it would be helpful if there is a message which 
gets downloaded, but not stored)
4. immediately quit Balsa afterwards
5. open the file balsa.log in an editor, and remove your account credentials:  find lines reading
** (balsa:<number>): DEBUG: emit 'auth' signal for client <hex number>
   Below are lines reading e.g.
** (balsa:20205): DEBUG: W 'AUTH PLAIN'
** (balsa:20205): DEBUG: R '+ '
** (balsa:20205): DEBUG: W 'VGhpcyBpcyB0aGUgYmFzZTY0LWVuY29kZWQgbG9naW4gaW5mb3JtYXRpb24='
** (balsa:20205): DEBUG: R '+OK Logged in.'
   Note the "DEBUG: W" lines containing "cryptic" data (in the example above, the 3rd line).  Depending upon the 
authentication method to your provider, this is at least one, but may be more.  Please overwrite the data (in the example 
"VGh....Rpb24=", of course *not* my account information if anyone wants to try), as it contains your login information.
6. save the file, and send it to me (you can sent it off-list, if you don't want to disclose it to the list).


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