Re: Multiple SMTP connections in parallel

Hi Peter:

Am 11.06.17 04:09 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
So the thread-per-server model would be used both for user-initiated sends (such as File => Send queued mail) 
and for timer-initiated sends, but the progress information would be presented differently, is that right?

Yes, this is my idea.  When the user selects "send" or "send queued", I think [s]he expects the dialogue to 
appear.  For a background operation, a dialogue popping up seems too intrusive to me, therefore use the notification area in this 

An extra goody would be if we remember during a long-running transfer that the dialogue has been closed by 
the user, and then just emit the notification after it has been finished.

I like the outline, especially the single dialog with progress indicators dynamically added and removed. 
Smooth transitions would be really cool…

I just discovered that GtkRevealer provides exactly this, and hacked a little test application - looks really 
cool, will be the way I'll implement it.

Sorry for the delay, but the simple task "just send in background" turned out to be a lot more complex than I 
first expected…


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