Re: Preparing for Gtk+ version 4

Hi Peter:

Am 20.01.17 01:04 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
Unfortunately, there are still distos (e.g. Debian and Ubuntu) shipping with 2.4.*.  Did anyone point their 
package maintainers to Balsa 2.5?  I mentioned this earlier [1] on this list, but never got a reply...


If nobody opposes, I can do that.

The discussion last year ended in the assessment that no good formatter application is available.  I 
meanwhile discovered uncrustify [3] and UniversalIndentGUI [4] which together offer (IMHO) everything needed.

I installed uncrustify--its config file is quite intimidating! Do you have a proposal for one? My first 
attempt to install UniversalIndentGUI didn't go well--I didn't see an RPM file, and I don't feel like 
installing qt to build from source...

Yes, its really "option hell" with uncrustify; basically unusable without the gui!  Luckily, Debian/Ubuntu have 
universalindentgui packages (is it possible to install an "alien" deb on your box?  See 
<>).  Anyway, I attach a config which I hope comes somewhat close to your 


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