Re: [Patch] use glib for digest calculations (was: Re: Sv: Balsa release?)

Hi ALbert,

On 2016.12.29 13:27, Albrecht DreƟ wrote:
Am 29.12.16 19:12 schrieb(en) Jack:
openssl s_client -starttls imap -connect

I get a timeout for yahoo, at&t, and gmail. (AT&T email is actually run by Yahoo, although it's an server.) As far as I can tell, all three should support this. (I mainly use POP3 with balsa on my main desktop PC, but I use IMAP on my laptop, tablet, and phone.) I'm using openssl 1.0.2j. Is this likely a configuration issue on my part, or are there known problems with any of those providers?

Maybe they don't support IMAP w/ STARTTLS over port 143, but only IMAPS (port 993)? I.e. you have to say

openssl s_client -connect

as to negotiate the ssl connection *before* starting the protocol. At least for yahoo, this works:

You got the same result I did for yahoo. didn't respond at all. gives a lengthy response, but doesn't respond to "0001 CAPABILITY" and I can't tell what they are expecting. It looks like they are talking a different language, which doesn't surprise me much.

Sorry I wasn't actually able to provide any useful information.


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