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Hi, Jack,

On 02/15/2017 05:10:56 PM, Jack wrote:
On 2017.02.15 06:53, Andreas Schmidt wrote:

I usually have JWZ threading activated for most of my mailboxes. I would expect that new mails are sorted directly into the correct thread, at the right position. However, new mails pile up in chronological order of arrival, regardless of what thread they belong to. In this case, I have to go to the main window, select "View --> Flat index", then again "View --> JWZ threading" to sort the new mails correctly. Should further mails arrive in that particular mailbox after this, I have to go through this procedure again. That can be quite a nuisance for mailboxes of high-traffic mailing lists.

I appreciate that there may currently be other issues of higher priority, but perhaps somebody has an idea how this could be fixed in an easy way?

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Hi Andreas,

This is a known issue, and was been mentioned on this list a while ago.
I should have checked the list before writing …

In 2013, one of the develors said: "At one time Balsa would rethread on every mailbox change, and it was intrusive, so it was decided to defer it; evidently, it's now deferred too long! One issue is that it's difficult to rethread in a sub-thread because of the display interactions. We need to revisit that."

I think it simply hasn't been revisited yet. Not sure how to push it higher on the list, unless one of the developers happens to be interested.
Well, I guess replacing libesmtp is more important right now -- that concerns core functionality, the sorting is a minor issue in this light.

I'm sure patches would be welcome, but it's a bit beyond my abilities.
Beyond mine, too, I'm afraid. Getting new versions and complaining (i.e. writing bug reports) is what I could do. :-)

Best regards


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