Re: POP3 woes

On 2017.02.09 23:58, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Dear List,

I've been having some issues with my POP3 server,, which I believe is really a Yahoo host. The problem is that Balsa continually downloads some message without either deleting it from the host, if that is configured, or recording that it was downloaded, if host-deletion is not configured.

This began, with no material change to Balsa's POP3 code, a while ago, most likely when BellSouth or AT&T handed off their POP3 duties to Yahoo. It's arisen more frequently recently: any time Balsa finds more than one message to download, it downloads the first (successfully--I see it in inbox, or wherever it gets filtered to), but then hangs, doesn't delete it from the server, and doesn't download any other messages.

It's annoying! The only fix I've found is to quit Balsa, use the webmail interface to delete the blocking message, and restart Balsa to retrieve the next message. When a backlog has built up, I have to repeat this until there's only one message left, and then Balsa retrieves it, deletes it from the host, and everything is clear--until the next time!

Does anyone else see anything like this? Does anyone have any insight about whether this is a server bug or a client (i.e. Balsa) bug?

All thoughts appreciated!

Hi Peter,

While it looks like you identified the culprit, I can certainly commiserate. I have several accounts actually run by Yahoo, and I have no end of transient problems with them. POP3 fetching randomly fails with various server errors or claims that user/password is not valid. Severl retries later things usually work, or sometimes just giving up and trying again five minutes later. This includes a free account, (AT&T before AT&T bailed out of CT), and (replaces AT&T in CT). The frontier account is the only one I can actually get any help with, not that the help has ever been of much help.


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