[Patch Rev. 2] Implement POP3 AUTH PLAIN (was: Fix POP3 autentication problem)

Am 01.09.16 19:25 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
Hi all,

below is a small patch fixing an authentication problem with one of my mail providers (pop3.netcologne.de) which 
replies to the "CAPA" (RFC 2449) command, but does not offer USER authentication explicitly:
This /could/ be interpreted as "the server must support either APOP or USER (i.e. one of the basic ones), even if 
it reports a SASL (AUTH) mechanism as reply to CAPA".  At least, I /can/ login using the USER mechanism...

Attached is a new patch, superseding the first approach.  It implements The 'AUTH PLAIN' SASL mechanism for 
POP3 according to RFC 5043 and RFC 4616, resolving the issue for me.  I think this is the cleaner approach...



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