Re: WebKitGTK+ in Balsa

Hi Peter:

Am 05.09.16 00:48 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
I don't know the difference between libwebkit2gtk-3.0 and libwebkit2gtk-4.0; the webkit2 API was unstable 
during development, so perhaps libwebkit2gtk-3.0 signifies an unstable version. I don't recall whether Balsa 
depended on any part of the API that changed during development; if not, it would probably build against the 
libwebkit2gtk-3.0 package, but I can't test that. Perhaps someone could test the current Balsa gtk3 branch in 
Ubuntu trusty.

I just installed Trusty in a VM and will check if it compiles asap, stay tuned (until next weekend, I hope)...

In a separate test, I already installed Debian Wheezy in a VM - and Balsa does *not* compile as gtk functions 
which are not available in 3.4.0 (our minimum requirement) are used.

Thinking again about the minimum requirements, I meanwhile doubt if we should actually be *that* strict 
regarding those older Debian-based systems.  I know several people running Debian oldstable /servers/ (where 
it makes sense, if the setup is complex, and server downtime is critical), but not desktops.  Likewise, I 
know a few very conservative users who upgrade their Ubuntu desktop to the latest LTS only 6-12 months after 
the release.

Thus, as we only focus on desktop users, the minimum requirements could be those for Debian stable (Jessie), and 
the /previous/ Ubuntu LTS (Trusty).  Basically, this would mean that glib >= 2.40 (instead of 2.32) and gtk 
>= 3.10 (instead of 3.4) is required.  It might be helpful if some of the newer functions could be used.

What do you think?

Maybe we could dump a warning from configure when webkit is selected,

Yes, that seems like the least we could do...

I like your patch ()... :-)  Just a little nitpicking: configure --help still says

                          select the HTML renderer (default webkit)


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