Translatable strings

Hi All,

Piotr Drąg has put in a heroic effort to clean up Balsa's user-visible strings[1]. Adopting most of the 
proposed changes will improve the polish of Balsa's UI. However, the community might have opinions comments 
about a couple of them.

One suggestion is to consistently capitalize CC and BCC. Balsa currently uses Cc and Bcc, usually followed by 
':', and uses BCC in only one place. Should we capitalize them? And should we drop the colons, which are just 
a nod to the corresponding RFC 5322/2822 headers?

Another is to change INBOX to Inbox. Personally, I depend on that all-caps shout from IMAP to alert me that 
the string refers to an IMAP folder, not my local inbox. But what do users in other locales see? Do IMAP 
servers always present the inbox as INBOX, or is it translated? How can Balsa help the translators with those 

Thanks for any thoughts!



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