Re: [Patch] [Part 0/3] Support for Osmo address book

Hi Jack:

Am 10.11.16 21:38 schrieb(en) Jack:
I almost sent this before seeing Peter's reply, but I do have a separate issue.  I'm trying to install Osmo 
on my Gentoo box.  The ebuild their site links to is for 0.2.10.

Ummm - the SF download page says that version has been released in March 2010...

I'm trying to modify it to use 0.2.14 (before I try for current svn version) and seem stuck on it wanting 
libwebkit for html rendering in order to get contacts.

...which isn't bleeding edge either - released in August 2015.  O.k., the last official Balsa (2.5.2) has 
been released in May 2015... :-/

My understanding is that libwebkit has become libwebkitgtk.  Before I go down a rabbit hole of creating bad 
patches and symlinks, is the svn version any different in that dependency?  Do you know if they are planning 
on updating that?

Afaict, the svn version (1099) I built here *does* link against libwebkitgtk on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS box:

albrecht@deneb:~/Work/osmo-pim-code$ ldd src/osmo | grep webkit => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f9120747000)
albrecht@deneb:~/Work/osmo-pim-code$ pkg-config --modversion webkit2gtk-4.0

Please note that you need Osmo svn anyway if you want to play with its contacts and balsa, as the dbus 
support in Osmo is just tweo weeks old...

Thanks in advance for testing my stuff, btw!

Hope this helps,


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