Re: Balsa and libesmtp

Am 16.03.16 18:04 schrieb(en) Jack:
As a user, it seems to me that balsa doesn't include or specify a specific smtp transport.  I've been using 
ssmtp, and the Gentoo link to source is .

Afaict, ssmtp is a mta, not a (e)smtp library...

Pawel has worked on fixing at least one security issue since Brian went out of sight.

Interesting.  Has this patch been pushed into the official sources?  The only CVE's I could find are for 
older libesmtp versions (CVE-2010-1192 and CVE-2010-1194 for 1.0.4), while the latest seems to be 1.0.6.  Do 
you know more details about the issue and its fix?

- esmtp ( which does indicate no longer maintained, and
- libesmtp ( I can't get any connection to the site

Debian has libesmtp 1.0.6 in jessie, stretch and sid, and Ubuntu will have it in 16.04LTS aka xenial.  The 
Debian page [1] also links to the (now apparently dead) web site, and has a Debian QA contact, so there 
/might/ be a chance that security issues get fixed, even if the original author is not actively supporting it 
any more.

I searched a little bit for alternatives.  The only one which looks promising is libcurl which even has an 
example [2].  However, I don't know if more advanced features like DSN are supported by it.


[1] <>
[2] <>

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