Re: Sv: Changed menus and toolbars in 2.5.2?

Hi Jack!

On 06/09/2015 05:20:04 PM Tue, Pawel Salek wrote:
Den 09.06.2015 19:39:42 skrev Jack:
I'm on Gentoo, and just upgraded to Balsa 2.5.2.  I'm not going to downgrade to a previous version just to 
confirm what the menus and toolbars were, but it seems that they have changed.

I do not see a Help menu, but now Help and About are under the File menu.  In addition, my customized 
toolbars (added some extra icons) lost those icons, and I had to re-add them.  Not very difficult, but I 
would not have expected those to change.

In addition, when I click File/Help, I get a popup "Information - Balsa" saying "Error displaying help: The 
specified location is not supported."  I'm guessing this is a side effect of my having only the minimal gnome libraries 
installed (my system is primarily KDE) but wanted to be sure it wasn't a larger problem.

Are these known/intentional changes?

The menu changes are intentional, at least to some extent. They happened with the move to Gtk Ui Manager. I 
do not think they have been fully tested in all context and all environment. On Fedora, I see a separate 
global Application Menu. Each window has then an own menu. I admit I have not tested help yet...


Yes, the menu structure was changed to keep up with some of the recent developments in GNOME, without losing 
any functionality. We now have an app-menu, which in the GNOME shell is accessed through the screen's top 
bar, with all the 'New...' items, the 'Settings...' items, and 'Address Book', 'Preferences', 'Help', 
'About', and 'Quit'. The traditional menu-bar now has only the 'File', 'Edit', 'View', 'Mailbox', and 
'Message' menus.

I've never understood how the menus would be displayed in a WM that doesn't implement a screen top bar--looks 
like the app-menu items are just shoved into the 'File' menu, which is a questionable design decision. So 
getting used to the new layout may take a while, but no functionality should have been lost--please shout if 
you find any!

Sorry about losing the toolbar customization! The new UI mechanism was incompatible with what we had before, 
and it took a period of years to find the time to reimplement toolbar editing. When it was done, I didn't 
have the energy figure out a way to retrieve existing specifications. I rationalized it as giving you an 
opportunity to review your choices!

I'm puzzled about the 'Help' issue--it seemed to work OK, but now I'm getting errors, too--more later...


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