Changed menus and toolbars in 2.5.2?

I'm on Gentoo, and just upgraded to Balsa 2.5.2. I'm not going to downgrade to a previous version just to confirm what the menus and toolbars were, but it seems that they have changed.

I do not see a Help menu, but now Help and About are under the File menu. In addition, my customized toolbars (added some extra icons) lost those icons, and I had to re-add them. Not very difficult, but I would not have expected those to change.

In addition, when I click File/Help, I get a popup "Information - Balsa" saying "Error displaying help: The specified location is not supported." I'm guessing this is a side effect of my having only the minimal gnome libraries installed (my system is primarily KDE) but wanted to be sure it wasn't a larger problem.

Are these known/intentional changes?

Thanks for any info.


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